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Gives Locally - Does your organization donate and/or volunteer for environmental and/or humanitarian organizations within your local community and beyond?
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    HOW:  Determine what cause you would like to donate to, i.e: environment, children, health, poverty, arts, disabilities, etc.  Then determine where you would like to contribute i.e., your local community, regionally, nationally, globally or another specific country.  Also determine how you would like to contribute i.e., money only, volunteering only, goods only or a combination of all of those gifts.  Perform an online search using the criteria that you've just established and enjoy the process of learning about the charities you are researching.  Ask to interview the Executive Director of the non-profits that you are considering to get a full sense of what their organization is doing and what the impact of their efforts are.  Ask the organization to share measurable goals of their efforts and how they intend to use your contributions.  Engage your employees and customers in your gift-giving and allow them to contribute and allow them to get to know who the charity and benefactors are of the donations.  To research charities use tools such as Charity Navigator.


    WHY:  Giving through donations of cash, goods and/or time generates a win not only for the benefactor and the community it serves, but often also creates exponential progress by setting a precedence for others to give.  Expanding the culture of giving and contributing to society, lends itself to a healthier and more productive society all together.


    FINANCIAL BENEFITS OF GIVING:   In addition to tax advantages to donating to non-profit organizations, studies indicate that a company's social and environmental reputation positively impacts their employee retention, market share, reputation in the community and consumer loyalty ... all of which directly relate to reduced expenses, more dependable earnings and increase revenues.

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